Freedom & responsibility

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Always considered myself as a very responsible person. Could feel huge responsibility as a burden that would weigh heavily on my shoulders. Until I met a wise woman, who painfully, yet very clearly pointed out that I often do not own my responsibility. Even outsourcing my responsibility. And then I blame others – rather the whole world – because I do not get what I need. It took me quite some time to really understand this, to see and accept it.

During my trip in India I heard Osho talk about freedom and responsibility. What he said really hit me hard. Everyone wants to be free. Freedom and responsibility are inextricably linked, are two sides of one coin. If you really want to be free this demands a huge responsibility. That’s not to outsource to someone else. Whatever I do, I’m responsible. Which can even be more beautiful when you take a better look at the word: responsibility: the ability to respond.

In short, I came across this on my trip. I was in a beautiful ashram, beautiful surroundings, loving people. Only one thing was lacking, the daily mediations were less closely taken. At first I was judgmental about it, I really missed the structure and atmosphere thereby created. Until I realized that the freedom that was offered to me did a very direct roll call on my responsibility. Which had been almost outsourced by my judge. The decision to stay by my heart longing that took me to India (Osho and meditation) brought me some playful, light and intense hours

♥ Wish you a free & responsible New Year ♥


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