Living on an island

In April last year I first arrived on Erraid, a small tidle island connected to Mull (part of the Inner Hebrides and lies off the west coast of Scotland). I fell in love. Seemed my search for a place to be, maybe even a purpose in live was fulfilled. I fell in love with the raw nature, the community, the Findhorn principles, the simple & physical way of living. In the late summer last year I started the membership procedure, since May this year I’m a full member.

The three main Findhorn principles are: whatever we do it’s in co-creating with nature, practising inner listening, and all we do is love in action. With a group of people we look after the island and make sure we are self supporting. The owners of the island support this.

The last years, since I left my job and the city life in Amsterdam, I was looking for a place to settle in. Longing for an honest and simple life, longing to get to know myself deeper, being able to enjoy a daily meditation practise. Thought I’d wanted to create an Osho place in a beautiful forest in the Netherlands. After two years of exploring that possibility, I dropped the idea. Travelled around, lived anti squat -to protect real estate- for a few years and finally last winter got rid of a lot of my belongings. Bought a small house in the forest – in the Netherlands- to rent out.

My intention is to keep you posted what living on an island in a community is like. Might be that the posts will appear irregularly, as life can be rather busy here.

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